YNAB Logo overlaid ServiceNow Integration App

One of the earliest full integrations I ever did. This app integrates ServiceNow with YNAB (You Need a Budget), a really great budgeting app.

This ServiceNow App contacts the YNAB API, retrieves your available budgets, their categories and subcategories, and their budgeted, activity, and balance amounts.

I included a “Getting Started” help page in this app too to walk the user through configuration.

YNAB natively doesn’t automatically export data, so this app is useful if you want to do things like:

  • Reporting via ServiceNow
  • Sending notifications to anyone when certain numbers hit a threshold
  • Displaying certain numbers on portal widgets
  • Sending the information to other integrations like Slack

The application is open-sourced and can be found at earlduque/ynab-now on GitHub.