Screenshot of the Raffle app in action

For the 2018 UC Tech conference, there was a need for a raffle application that would:

  • Draw a winner from a list of entries
  • Allow individual entries to be added to the pool
  • Allow multiple entries to be added en masse
  • Allow multiple winners to be drawn
    • While allowing the option of the previous winner to be either included or excluded from subsequent drawings
  • Allow confirmation of the winner being present, otherwise re-draw
  • Allow the reseting of the results
  • Allow the resetting of all entries
  • Allow for private drawings vs. public drawings
  • Be recorded in a database
  • Be reportable
  • Be accessible without creating an account
  • Be entirely mobile friendly

And just so happened that no such thing existed for our immediate use. I was presented the problem and within a day I had a working concept and within another day we had the full application up and running and being used live at the conference.

A month later we wrapped it up nicely and released it for use by anyone at our university.

The application is open-sourced and can be found at earlduque/ServiceNow-Raffle on GitHub.