Getting Started

This page assumes you have already installed the integration! If you haven’t yet, install this GitHub repo via studio.

Get your access token

This integration only works with personal access tokens right now. To get your access token, follow the instructions here.

Once you get your token, go back to ServiceNow and navigate to YNAB Now > Properties and paste the token into the Personal Access Token from YNAB Developer Settings system property and click Save (Make sure you didn’t accidentally and leading or trailing spaces/white-text in your token value).

Retrieve your budgets

Navigate to YNAB Now > YNAB Now Budgets and click the Retrieve Budgets button and wait about 10 seconds. You can also check the progress of the REST communication by navigating to YNAB Now REST Calls and seeing if the call you just initiated has received a response yet.

Refresh the Budgets list and you should see all the available budgets you can import. Open the record of the one you want to use.

Retrieve your budget’s categories

Once the record for your selected budget has loaded, click the “Update Categories” button and wait about 10 seconds.

Navigate to YNAB Now > YNAB Now Categories to see the cumulative budget, activity, and balances for your budgets!

Alternatively, you can also navigate to YNAB Now > YNAB Now Category Groups to see your top-tier categories and each record will have a related list of individual categories within it.


  • Reporting
  • Sending notifications to anyone when certain numbers hit a threshold
  • Displaying certain numbers on portal widgets
  • Sending the information to other integrations like Slack