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Yay, now I can work on this site at night without burning my retinas!

Work on this site? What, you mean after almost a year of almost no activity, I’m finally going to post regularly again?

Well, no

Most “ServiceNow” content I come up with, if it’s in the capacity of me doing my job (I work at ServiceNow now, btw), then it’s likely going to go on the developer blog or the YouTube channel.

But, yes!

I might add a page that tracks the official content I am part of (this is my “portfolio” after all), but this blog will have more of my side-projects and fun stuff that I plan to do more of soon (or the sillier stuff that won’t make it to the official channels 😬).

I also plan on posting more stories here; Anecdotes and origins of how I got here and how the people around me have grown. If you are reading this, wow you stayed subscribed that long without new content? Let me know who you are so I can properly thank you!

My teammates, Brad Tilton, and Chuck Tomasi

*The ServiceNow Developer Advocate team: Brad Tilton (replacement coming soon!), Chuck Tomasi, and myself.*