Image of an instance banner with a "Last Cloned" time stamp

We found that it is helpful to add the timestamp to the banner of our subproduction instances so that users will know when the data on that instance was last refreshed.

On Share you can find an update set I loaded that has a post-clone cleanup script that will automate this for you.

If you want to add the script yourself:

  1. Navigate to System Clone => Clone Definition => Cleanup Scripts
  2. Create a new record, give it a name
  3. Add the following script and save the record:
var current_text = gs.getProperty('glide.product.description');
var iso = current_text.split('(');
var new_text = iso[0].trim() + ' (Last cloned: ' + new GlideDate() + ' ' + new GlideDateTime().getLocalTime().getByFormat('hh:mm:ss a') + ')';
gs.setProperty('glide.product.description', new_text);