Image of threshold notification feature

Simple functionality but an example of a feature that was requested for one group (“Notify us every day our ticket queue is more than x tickets”) that we re-tooled so that all groups could opt-in to the functionality.

Managers of groups had the ability to configure their group so that they could:

  • Receive notifications every day at 10am if their group had more active tickets than a certain threshold.
  • Set the threshold number
  • Set individual users or groups to receive this notification.

Technical Direction (general steps to do it yourself)

  • Section and fields added to sys_user_group
  • UI policies control hidden fields
  • Write ACLs for these fields are locked to manager
  • Business Rule ensures threshold number is zero or positive
  • Scheduled Script Execution runs at 10am daily, checks for groups with feature turned on then checks related ticket queue
  • If conditions satisfied, creates event (under newly added event in registry) Event generates notification