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What is it?

The Avatars application generates avatars for user records. Say goodbye to boring Initials!

x_snc_avatars.Avatar().get(String sys_id, String sprite_collection);

x_snc_avatars.Avatar().getRandom(String sys_id);

  • sys_id = sys_user.sys_id (Required)
  • sprite_collection = force a specific sprite to be returned (Optional)

Included in update set

  • Script include that allows you generate avatars
  • User form UI Action that allows you to generate an avatar for the current user record (Requires the user_admin role). The generated avatar is based on the user’s gender and sys_id. Will always produce the same result.
  • User form UI Action that allows you to generate a completely random avatar regardless of gender and sys_id. Will always produce a different result.
  • Business Rule that will generate an avatar for new user records as they are created.
  • Script Executor that can be run which will generate an avatar for every user record that doesn’t already have a photo.
  • System Properties that allow you further customize how it runs, organized into a system property category that will appear as Avatar Properties within the System UI Application in the navigation menu.

Available Sprite Collections with examples

Sprite set examples

System Properties

  • x_snc_avatars.avatars.sprites.default - The default sprite collection to default to if there is no gender provided on the user record.
  • x_snc_avatars.avatars.sprites.valid - The sprite collections you want to allow for the randomizer.
  • x_snc_avatars.avatars.sprites.use_gender - If you want the sprite generator to check for gender or not.
  • x_snc_avatars.avatars.generate_on_insert - If you want the sprite generator to activate for new records
  • x_snc_avatars.avatars.generate_on_insert.seed_or_random - If you want new records to be completely random or based on sys_id+gender
  • x_snc_avatars.avatars.show_ui_actions - If you want the UI actions to appear on the sys_user form for user_admins.

Where to get it

The application is available on the share website.