Whenever a new user wants to be added to our instance of ServiceNow, their manager submits a ServiceNow request to the Service Management team and the new user is first added to a “learning” instance to be trained. To speed up the time-to-completion of adding the user to the separate instance, I automated it via the Scripted REST API.

The Service Management Office can initiate the user-management process from the production instance, which means the technician doesn’t have to ever log into the learning instance nor do we need to grant extra user-admin roles to those technicians.

The technician is even provided context to the success of the automation:

Alt Text

  • If the user doesn’t exist in the target instance yet
  • If the user was created successfully
  • If the user already is a member of the group that grants the necessary roles
  • If the user has been succesffuly added to that group