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What is it?

Yay Food is an applet that I created for me and my wife because we would often visit a restaurant and find ourselves asking “What did we like here? What did we not like here? What have we already tried?”

Yay Food is our way of being able to document and remember our individual ratings for food whether we are on a computer or on our phone.

Have we actually used the data as intended?


Why is it called Yay Food?

Because Yay, Food! Also, it fits our #yayduque wedding hash tag.

Can I use it too?

Yes, just visit to get started. Follow the instructions below to see how we set the “applet” up on our phones.

1. Create your own group

Create a group

  • Go to and click “Create a new group”
  • Pick a group name and password
  • Press Create

2. Log into your group access

Log in

  • Once created, your group should appear in the list, click it
  • View Ratings (Guests) is the “guest” area of your ratings. Guests can see your ratings but can’t edit/add/delete your ratings.
  • Click on Group access (To edit and add new ratings) and enter your password from earlier.

3. Add the website to your homescreen

This will make it look like any other app you have on your phone!

Add to homescreen

  • Click the share button
  • Click “Add to Home Screen”
  • Simply name it “YayFood!” and press Add

4. Get Started!

Get started

Add some members to your group, add a restaurant, then add some ratings! In fact, you can use any numbers you want for the ratings!

How was this made?

This was made entirely in ServiceNow, an enterprise cloud software, by me! It’s a few database tables with a Service Portal interface.

Why isn’t this on the app store?

Two reasons. The first being we wanted the data accessible on the cloud, so anything with access to the internet could get to it.

But mainly, it’s because I don’t have an app store developer account and I don’t want to pay for that right now :P