Image of Earl Duque presenting at Hackathon

At ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2018 conference, attended by 18,000+, I competed in the annual Hackathon. Dozens of teams, comprised of one to three individuals each, raced to build a solution within eight hours entirely within the ServiceNow platform.

My solo-member team was a finalist (top 10)!

I created a multiplayer text adventure (otherwise known as a MUD/Multi-User Dungeon) within a ServiceNow Service Portal. Users were able to interact with and navigate through a simulated “dungeon” using ServiceNow’s live-chat interface. If users were in the same room as other users, they were able to chat with each other and even complete objectives together.

I even live-streamed my progress.

More of a fun, working concept, my entry understandably was not crowned a winner… but I definitely won a lot of nerd-cred and met some awesome developers!

The talented winners and other finalists can be found in this great community blog of the event by keeshenniphof.

Unfortunately, the instance that this was running on has since been re-claimed. If I find the update sets, I’ll re-host it and post the link here.

The basic concept of how it worked can be found in my GitHub repository of the Player Controller Business Rule.